All Mixed Up by Tanner Thompson

I had the pleasure with collaborating with one of my models and friends Samantha Wardle. This time she wasn’t modeling she was creating the image behind the scenes with me. I took pictures of 7 models that were wearing there own sweaters of any type. I sent the photos to samantha and she printed them out and took cutouts of magazines to collage onto the portraits. This project is pretty much about individuality and beauty behind making art with unique individuals.

Masculinity by Tanner Thompson

I think that its pretty common knowledge that society has made norms for gender. Girls are supposed to be soft, nurturers, and feminine. Boys are supposed to be rough, workers, and masculine. Yet these norms end up being invalid in the hearts of many men and women alike. I feel like personally I had to deal with coming to terms with my masculinity. I had parents that did kind of go by these norms but they never truly enforced them on me or my other siblings. They let me cry, they let me like pink when I was 5 years old, they also let me do the musical in school (which a lot of people stereotypically label as a feminine thing). I think thats incredible important to let people find there own masculinity and felinity. In my eyes you can be super masculine and still have a strong famine side. Actually I think that expressing/ being vulnerable to your feminine side (When your a masculine person), is probably the most masculine thing someone can do. With this piece I just really wanted to make a statement that you can be a masculine person and still express your feminine side. You don’t have to be seen as feminine anymore because being feminine is being strong.